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May 22 2018




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day 4: -and heR WIFE

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Meanwhile, in Finland…

follow me


Ryan Coogler and Taika Waititi after Infinity War:

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I like living on the edge

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Deadpool (2016) | Deadpool 2 (2018)


My favorite part of Spider-Man Homecoming was the bit where Peter briefly impersonates Thor. He’s a British dude perfectly impersonating an American kid poorly impersonating a somewhat inconsistent British accent done by an Australian dude

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Haven’t seen Deadpool 2 but I am SOO HYPE


shepard brings grunt the grunt plush she found in the citadel gift store because she thought it was funny that there was merch of him like that and he yells and grumbles about how much he hates it and hes been turned into a toy for children and that hes a warrior and he despises being made into this tiny soft pathetic little thing and shepard goes haha ok…. im just gonna leave this here then.. & then 5 seconds after the door closes behind her grunt does this

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“You guys make a cute couple!” 

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I’m having one of the best tinder convos I’ve ever had


the signs as black panther moments

(warning: contains spoilers from the movie)

aries: m’baku hushing agent ross with barks when he tries to speak

taurus: shuri clowning t’challa’s sandals with the infamous “WHAT ARE THOOSE” line

gemini: w’kabis flip flopping ass siding with erik as soon as he came with klaue’s dead body

cancer: shuri explaining her invention of “sneakers” to t’challa

leo: erik’s extra ass giving a whole dramatic speech while taking off his shirt moments before he battles t’challa

virgo: m’baku’s “are you done” line in the moment where t’challa is reuniting with his family and making plans to reclaim his throne

libra: erik pretending to be shocked when the museum lady faints from drinking her poisoned coffee

scorpio: m’baku threatening to feed agent ross to his children and joking about them being vegetarians moments after

sagittarius: okoye literally snatching off her own wig and using it as a weapon

capricorn: okoye telling w’kabi she would kill him without hesitation despite them being lovers if they were to fight

aquarius: shuri allowing t’challa to get blasted by his own suit without warning him and filming the whole thing

pisces: t’challa freezing when he reunites with nakia even though he said he wasn’t going to

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Когда осознал, что скороу уже лето, а ты всё ещё жирный как сметанка…

“When you realize that it’s summer already, and you’re still fat like sour cream ”


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people dont give you the respect you deserve when you’re about a foot tall

(please don’t tag as ‘me’ or similar)

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Siblings from movie Marvel Universe

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May 21 2018






hey fellas im not a bot


oh pardon me i /sneezed/

Haha, bless you. By the way, would you mind spelling these words for me?

Sure thing! That says

Type the two words:


Re CAPTCHA™ stop spam. read books.

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well life just isnt fucking fair is it humpback whale 85

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